Unlock Energy Savings with Smart Hospital Technology


With healthcare costs projected to increase 7% in 2024 and reimbursement for Medicare expected to decrease by more than 1% from 2023 [1,2], the critical role of facilities management cannot be overstated. From ensuring uninterrupted operations in operating rooms to maintaining precise environmental conditions for medication storage, the foundation of healthcare rests on efficient facilities. However, challenges abound – energy shortages, aging infrastructure, and outdated equipment contribute to escalating energy consumption and disruptive downtimes, hindering the delivery of quality care.

As the healthcare industry contends with these challenges, the need for innovative solutions becomes even more evident. Escalating energy and maintenance costs further strain thin profit margins, while outdated systems conflict with commitments to sustainable energy practices.

Introducing Intuitive MB’s Smart Hospital Technology – a solution that empowers healthcare leaders and facilities engineers with real-time insights into facility-wide utilization patterns.

By harnessing data from critical sensors and devices, this equipment-agnostic technology enables accurate prediction, effective planning, and proactive implementation of measures to enhance energy efficiency and asset maintenance. The result? Significant reductions in energy costs, minimized building maintenance expenditures, extended longevity of capital infrastructure, and a notable decrease in carbon emissions.

The strategic partnership between RTG and Intuitive Medical Buildings vividly illustrates the technology’s capabilities by leveraging a combination of innovative elements, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). Together, these technologies form a robust foundation for creating “smart” hospitals and medical office buildings.

If you’re determined to overcome the energy and cost challenges faced by modern healthcare facilities, our comprehensive white paper can be your guide. Included are the details on how Intuitive MB’s smart hospital technology revolutionizes resource management while preserving service quality.

Download the white paper now to start your organization’s journey towards a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective healthcare future.

For more information about this transformative technology, explore Intuitive MB’s website. To understand its integration with RTG’s services, reach out to Senior Vice President Hank Carr.



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