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Considering a new healthcare capital construction project?


Whether ground-up construction, facility expansions or interior renovations, RTG has the experienced resources to ensure the successful development of hospital, acute care, and ambulatory facility projects. We understand that healthcare real estate development is a significant expense that can carry big risks. You need to have the right plan in place from the very beginning. Lack of expert oversight is not an option. After all, once you build it, you can’t move it.


Capital resources are limited and in high demand across the health system. Facility investments must be fully analyzed prior to construction and then managed closely during the project delivery process. From concept to close-out, our team brings an Owner’s Representative mindset to ensure an efficient and effective development program, always tracking and communicating key metrics of time, quality, and cost throughout the project. Clear, open communication and adaptability ensures the project team is positioned to deliver a successful project.


From conceptualization to occupancy, RTG manages each development project to help healthcare leaders save costs, manage risks, and enhance delivery of care for the patients in the community.


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Healthcare Development Services

Project Launch

  • Mission / Charter
  • Team Procurement
  • Project Delivery Method
  • Due Diligence

Facility Planning

  • Operational Assessment
  • Design Coordination
  • Budget & Schedule Development
  • Equipment & Technology Assessment

Program Management

  • Construction Management
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Budget and Cost Tracking
  • Schedule Management

Activation/Transition Planning

  • Punchlist and Closeout
  • Move Management
  • Staff Orientation
  • Post Occupancy Assessment

Featured Case Study


One of the things we really loved about working with RTG is they not only had a passion about making sure our building was what it was supposed to be and we could meet all of our deadlines, but they had compassion for the children and the families we would serve.

— Terri Woodruff, Executive Director, Anna Shaw Children’s Institute

Healthcare Development Case Studies

Healthcare Development Thought Leadership

White Paper: Risk Considerations for the Design-Build Project Delivery Method

The design-build process is well-suited for fast-track construction projects. Under fast-track construction, design and construction activities overlap. Construction begins prior to the completion of all project plans and specifications. A design-builder can proceed with construction as incremental portions of the design are completed with a greater sense of confidence that serious problems and the need for significant changes will not occur. When this process works as anticipated, the project is completed faster and at less cost.

Best Practice: Introduction to Transition Planning

What is the role of a Transition Planner and how can they make your organization’s relocation easier?

Transition Planning is defined as “the operational and physical relocation of the existing hospital to a new physical plant.”

What Our Clients Say


The first thing Realty Trust Group helped us do was create a real estate strategy for the growth of our medical practice that was achievable and affordable.

They helped us form the right team for our facility design that was focused on our patients and an ownership model that made sense long-term for our physicians.

— Jeff Dew, CEO of Gastrointestinal Associates

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Considering a new healthcare construction project?