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How do you plan to get your innovative technology to market with your existing or planned real estate?

The velocity around research and development to commercialize innovative medicine production needs to take place in a physical space. RTG partners with Life Science organizations to create tailored real estate solutions that follow your strategy and product’s lifecycle.

RTG can support your real estate strategy on highly complex uses, including:

Cell & Gene
Genomics and
Data Science

Our role is to partner with you and discover the answers of when and where you should start based on the current lifecycle.

Where is your product or innovative technology now in the current lifecycle?

RTG provides advisory and development for your real estate needs throughout the lifecycle, no matter where you’re starting. We help clients realize their vision by leveraging our real estate expertise to ensure market readiness.

Why is it critical to build lab space, manufacturing and fill/finish facilities now?

  • The U.S. must become less reliant on global supply chains due to critical supply shortages
  • The U.S. must develop resilient manufacturing capabilities to withstand any future, national health crises
  • Enhance manufacturing supply chains by fostering collaboration and advancing the U.S.’s research and development, and manufacturing infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Ensure onshore secure stockpiles and sustainable pipelines for innovative medicine by building manufacturing, fill/finish, storage and innovation centers in the U.S.

Why Is it critical to secure real estate to support capacity?

When survey respondents were asked about their post-pandemic business drivers, One(1) being most important, they ranked speed to market as their top priority, outranking other drivers by a long shot.

Post-pandemic organizations are under tremendous pressure to reach the market faster with innovative medicine and technology, even if it means spending more to get there.

Advisory · Development · Transactions


  • Ecosystem Evaluation
  • Identify Real Estate Needs
  • Real Estate Site Selection
  • Identify Ecosystem Partners
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Pre-Development Planning


  • Facility Planning
  • Program Management
  • Project Launch
  • Build Facilities (Flexible Design)
  • Validation/Transition
  • Facility Repurposing


  • Ecosystem Gap Recruiting
  • Health System Recruiting
  • Negotiation Services for Real Estate
  • Due Diligence
  • Landlord/Tenant Rep
  • Acquisition/Disposition
  • Targeted Partnerships

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