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Are your operations in order?


Most hospital or physician practices don’t have a dedicated real estate department, so managing leases or an operational budget often becomes a side-job for the leadership team. They wonder, “How can we save money?” or, “How can we be more efficient?” They know there are likely cost saving opportunities within the operational aspects of their healthcare facilities, they just aren’t sure how best to identify them.


With a clear understanding of healthcare operations and the healthcare regulatory environment, RTG identifies these opportunities for cost savings as well as for improved performance. We know that in this competitive era of healthcare reform, hospitals, medical office buildings, and other ancillary facilities must be positioned as strategic assets and managed for optimal operational advantage. RTG’s approach to operations involves a broader view of the strategic plan for one or more assets, market position, capital and financing strategies, and partnership management.


With operational services ranging from property and asset management, lease administration, full-service property accounting, and regulatory compliance management, RTG is your partner for operational support that serves all parties — owners, physicians, tenants, and, most importantly, patients.

Healthcare Operations

  • Property Audits & Controls
  • Client Care/Tenant Satisfaction
  • Cost Containment
  • Vendor Management
  • Facilities/Engineering

Financial Management

  • Property Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Expense Reconciliations
  • Cash & Partnership Management

Technology Solutions

  • RTG PinPoint – Dashboard Analytics
  • RTG DataBridge – Software Integration
  • Operating Cost Management System
  • Cloud Based Software Solutions

Lease Administration

  • Portfolio Data & Risk Visibility
  • Critical Data Monitoring
  • Compliant Lessee Accounting
  • Tenant COI Tracking

Portfolio Tracking & Reporting

With so much data floating around, how do you make sense of it all? Knowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to effectively managing a large, dynamic real estate portfolio. Spreadsheets can certainly be valuable tools for portfolio tracking, but an integrated portfolio database platform can streamline tracking and reporting functions. If you are not already using real estate portfolio data to help guide your overall strategy, you should be.

Healthcare Operations Thought Leadership

White paper: Healthcare Real Estate Portfolio Management

In the ever-growing competitive healthcare landscape, health systems, physician practices, and other providers are constantly challenged to operate more efficiently. A holistic approach to real estate portfolio management can enable strategic alignment, enhance the delivery of services, improve patient and provider relationships, and offer a significant competitive advantage.


Explore the distinction between traditional property management and comprehensive real estate portfolio management and the potential benefits that may be realized when healthcare providers successfully implement these strategies.

BEST PRACTICE: increasing profitability of your medical office building through technology




By utilizing the tools and systems mentioned in the previous Best Practices, a Medical Office Building owner or landlord will realize an improved net operating income (NOI) as revenue grows and expenses shrink.


In this best practice, we talk about several ways in which employing these tools can improve monetization efforts.

What Our Clients Say


Healthcare planning and real estate go hand in hand these days, it’s all integrated, and RTG is my “right hand person”

when working on all real estate matters. We know and have talked to some healthcare real estate firms others that are good, but they may not have the breadth that RTG has. It would be a learning curve for a new firm to get to know us. RTG knows Northside and the way we want things delivered.

— Doug MacDonald, VP of Strategy and Real Estate, Northside Hospital Healthcare System

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Are your Operations in order?