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Are your operations in order?


Most hospital or physician practices don’t have a dedicated real estate department, so managing leases or an operational budget often becomes a side-job for the leadership team. They wonder, “How can we save money?” or, “How can we be more efficient?” They know there are likely cost saving opportunities within the operational aspects of their healthcare facilities, they just aren’t sure how best to identify them.


With a clear understanding of healthcare operations and the healthcare regulatory environment, RTG identifies these opportunities for cost savings as well as for improved performance. We know that in this competitive era of healthcare reform, hospitals, medical office buildings, and other ancillary facilities must be positioned as strategic assets and managed for optimal operational advantage. RTG’s approach to operations involves a broader view of the strategic plan for one or more assets, market position, capital and financing strategies, and partnership management.


With operational services ranging from property and asset management, lease administration, full-service property accounting, and regulatory compliance management, RTG is your partner for operational support that serves all parties — owners, physicians, tenants, and, most importantly, patients.

Healthcare Operations

  • Cost Containment
  • Vendor Management
  • Facilities / Engineering
  • Tenant Satisfaction

Technology Solutions

  • Lease Administration
  • Property Accounting
  • Budgeting/Financial Reporting
  • Partnership Management

Risk Mitigation

  • Operational Process Review
  • Policy & Procedures Tool Kit
  • Life Safety / Security
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Preventative Maintenance

Healthcare Operations Thought Leadership

BEST PRACTICE: increasing profitability of your medical office building through technology




Medical office building owners have begun embracing the benefits of technology. By investing in a Lease Administration / Accounting software system, owners will be able to improve compliance, ensure proper capture of the revenue stream, and increase efficiency.


Technology greatly assists in the day-to-day management of the leases, critical dates, rent increases, payments and expenses, as well as the accuracy, thus resulting in a better bottom line!

Best Practice: increasing profitability of your medical office building through technology




There are many facets to commercial / healthcare property management. Besides the typical budgets, reporting, and collection of rents that most people tend to relate to the job, property managers must strive to keep multiple tenants, patients and landlords happy in order to maintain building occupancy, reduce turnover and keep operating costs down.


In this best practice, we talk about some advantages of utilizing the technology of a work order system in order to mitigate operating expenses.

What Our Clients Say


Healthcare planning and real estate go hand in hand these days, it’s all integrated, and RTG is my “right hand person”

when working on all real estate matters. We know and have talked to some healthcare real estate firms others that are good, but they may not have the breadth that RTG has. It would be a learning curve for a new firm to get to know us. RTG knows Northside and the way we want things delivered.

— Doug MacDonald, VP of Strategy and Real Estate, Northside Hospital Healthcare System

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Are your Operations in order?