Healthcare Real Estate Advisory Services

Are you asking the right questions about your real estate?

Clients often come to us with an initiative in mind, maybe to expand services or grow into a new market. They know it will require real estate but they don’t have many other answers. They ask “What will it cost?” and “When can we open?” While these questions are important, RTG believes we must first understand another set of questions to ensure that real estate follows strategy. What are your objectives? Why are you doing this? What happens if you don’t? What are the alternatives?


Once those questions are vetted, RTG works to determine smart solutions to meet your strategic, operational and financial goals. Our team of healthcare real estate experts are committed to providing every client independent and objective real estate advice. We leverage our experience buying, selling, developing and managing real estate, to ensure that we offer sound advice and actionable strategies.


No matter what complex real estate challenge you face, the RTG team is prepared to help you find the smart solution. The right location, the right healthcare services, the right time, and the right cost structure…. The right results for your next project.

Healthcare Advisory Services

Ambulatory Network

  • Market Analytics & GIS Mapping
  • Service Line / Gap Analysis
  • Primary & Specialty Care Strategies
  • Retail & Urgent Care Strategies

Acute Care Platform

  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Campus Master Planning
  • CON Planning Support
  • Hospital Adaptive Re-use

Pre-Development Planning

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Ownership & Capital Structure
  • Physician Ownership & Syndication
  • Developer Selection

Our Real Estate Optimization Framework

Healthcare providers of all sizes are challenged to reshape their businesses in response to the ever-shifting industry landscape. COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated these pressures and further increased the emphasis on cost management, market efficiencies, and access to capital.


Real estate optimization is a relatively new concept in the healthcare industry. A myriad of industry shifts have caused healthcare providers to re-evaluate real estate ownership and management approach within the context of broader strategic objectives.

Healthcare ADVISORY Thought Leadership

Real Estate Advisor for HealthcareWhite Paper: Making Better Decisions Using Real Estate Analytics

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing across the country and health systems and providers are seeking new and innovative ways to gain an advantage over their competition.


RTG uses an advanced Portfolio and Market Analytics platform to assist our clients in developing real estate strategies that complement and enhance broader organizational strategies, reduce costs and increase revenue throughout their portfolio.

Real Estate Advisor for HealthcareBest Practice: HEALTHCARE REAL ESTATE STRATEGIES

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is incredibly dynamic and challenging for all participants, particularly so for providers. Dealing with the shift to bundled payment models, increased regulatory scrutiny, new technology requirements and a myriad of other issues requires strong leadership and a willingness to adapt to change.


With all of the challenges that the average health system or physician group faces, they might ask themselves, “Why does real estate matter?”

What Our Clients Say


Healthcare planning and real estate go hand in hand these days, it’s all integrated, and RTG is my “right hand person” when working on all real estate matters.

We know and have talked to some healthcare real estate firms others that are good, but they may not have the breadth that RTG has. It would be a learning curve for a new firm to get to know us. RTG knows Northside and the way we want things delivered.

— Doug MacDonald, VP of Strategy and Real Estate, Northside Hospital Healthcare System

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