Healthcare Real Estate Advisory Services

Are you asking the right questions about healthcare real estate?

Clients often approach Realty Trust Group (RTG) with specific objectives related to healthcare real estate, like expanding services or growing into a new market. They know it will require real estate, but they often don’t understand the considerations related to such objectives. They ask, “What will it cost?” and “How long will it take?”

While these questions are important, RTG asks other questions first to ensure that real estate follows strategy. For instance, what are the client’s objectives? What happens if they don’t move forward? What are their alternatives?

Once those questions are vetted, RTG determines solutions to meet clients’ strategic, operational, and financial goals. Our team is committed to providing every client with independent and objective advice regarding healthcare real estate initiatives. We leverage our experience buying, selling, developing, and managing real estate to offer sound advice and actionable strategies.

The RTG team helps clients find the smart solution, no matter the healthcare real estate challenge. We help find the right locations, for the right healthcare services, within the right cost structure and schedule to ensure the right results for clients.

Healthcare Advisory Services

Strategic Planning

  • Demographics & Market Analysis
  • Ambulatory Network Planning
  • Inpatient Facility Planning
  • Retail Medicine Strategies

Project Feasibility

  • Project Goals & Objectives
  • Design Support
  • Project Budget & Schedule
  • Real Estate Pro Forma

  • Portfolio Assessment & Performance
  • Portfolio & Facility Utilization
  • Lease vs. Own Strategies
  • Facility Repurposing

Ownership & Capital Planning

  • Physician Ownership Models
  • Syndication & Joint Venture Strategies
  • Project Financing
  • Monetization / Sale-Leaseback

Our Real Estate Optimization Framework

Healthcare providers of all sizes are challenged to reshape their businesses to respond to the ever-shifting industry landscape. COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated these pressures and increased the emphasis on cost management, market efficiencies, and access to capital.

Real estate optimization is a relatively new concept in the healthcare industry. Multiple industry shifts have caused healthcare providers to re-evaluate real estate ownership and their management approach within broader strategic objectives.

Healthcare ADVISORY Thought Leadership

White Paper: healthcare real estate optimization

As healthcare providers reshape their businesses and face the challenges of the ever-shifting industry landscape, cost-saving measures are critical to maintaining competitiveness. Most healthcare providers have significant investments in real estate and facilities, yet these assets are often overlooked as a potential source of cost savings and available capital. Healthcare organizations can adopt methods and strategies commonly used in other industries to create value and improve efficiencies through real estate and facilities management.

Best Practice: 3 Key Real Estate Considerations for Hospital-Physician Relationships

In the ever-growing competitive healthcare landscape, health systems, physician practices, and other providers are constantly challenged to operate more efficiently. A holistic approach to real estate portfolio management can enable strategic alignment, enhance the delivery of services, improve patient and provider relationships, and offer a significant competitive advantage.

Explore the distinction between traditional property management and comprehensive real estate portfolio management and the potential benefits that may be realized when healthcare providers successfully implement these strategies.

What Our Clients Say


Healthcare planning and real estate go hand in hand these days, it’s all integrated, and RTG is my “right hand person” when working on all real estate matters.

We know and have talked to some healthcare real estate firms others that are good, but they may not have the breadth that RTG has. It would be a learning curve for a new firm to get to know us. RTG knows Northside and the way we want things delivered.

— Doug MacDonald, VP of Strategy and Real Estate, Northside Hospital Healthcare System

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