RTG’s Dan Maxwell Interviewed About the Role of Technology in Healthcare

Realty Trust Group (RTG) Vice President of Development Services Dan Maxwell was interviewed for Commercial Property Executive. “How Tech is Reshaping Health-Care Projects” explores Maxwell’s thoughts on healthcare in a post-pandemic world, how technology impacts healthcare delivery, and RTG’s use of technology and data analytics to serve clients.

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In which way has the health-care sector changed since the onset of the pandemic?

Maxwell: Virtual doctors’ visits have provided a means to communicate without having to be physically present in a doctor’s office. While the convenience and accessibility of telemedicine platforms and video conferencing has provided a new portal to patient care, the desire for in-person visits and the human interaction remains for many patients and physicians.

The pandemic has changed how we think about the environment of care, such as improvements in safety, improved scheduling to reduce the volume of patients in waiting rooms, and what services should be provided within the hospital versus ambulatory setting.

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