Podcast: Realty Trust Group’s Goran Musinovic Speaking On Healthcare Real Estate Compliance

Healthcare real estate lease arrangements with referral sources carry intrinsic compliance risks that can expose health care providers to liability. RTG’s Goran Musinovic, Vice President and the Leader of RTG’s Real Estate Compliance Service Line, recently had an opportunity to sit down with Adam Turteltaub on the “Compliance Perspectives Podcast” to discuss some of the most common transactional and operational compliance pitfalls involving healthcare real estate lease arrangements with referral sources.

On the podcast, Adam and Goran discussed the following topics:

    • Common transactional and operational risks;
    • Best practices for procuring fair market value support; and
    • Best practices for monitoring and auditing lease arrangements

Check out the full episode of “Compliance Perspectives Podcast” for the full interview to learn more about how to mitigate the risks posed by transactional and operational compliance pitfalls.

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