Hospital And Health System Mergers & Acquisitions: Leveraging Real Estate To Bend The Cost Curve

Following a slowdown in the wake of the Covid pandemic, healthcare merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has regained traction and is expected to see continued momentum in the coming years.

Challenging macroeconomic headwinds, coupled with ongoing healthcare regulatory and financial pressures and resulting margin compression, continue to present a negative outlook for many small to mid-sized health systems. At the same time, larger health systems, and even mega-systems, are actively seeking opportunities to align with strategic partners to build geographic scale and leverage increased purchasing power to attack the ever-climbing cost curve. Regardless of size, most health systems are faced with a daunting “grow or die” dilemma. Taken together, these themes are projected to drive a steady pipeline of healthcare M&A activity and provider consolidation activity.

RTG’s latest white paper, “Hospital and Health System Mergers & Acquisitions: Leveraging Real Estate To Bend The Cost Curve,” addresses essential real estate considerations for healthcare M&A transactions and explores opportunities for both cost avoidance and revenue enhancement through effective real estate strategy and utilization.

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