Selecting the right construction project delivery method can make or break a project for healthcare providers. Significant time is spent developing the program, fine tuning the budget, and working through the exhaustive list of activities required to get a project off the ground, under construction and open, but often, very little time is devoted to evaluating and selecting the most appropriate project delivery method. It seems most owners will generally default to the way they have always done it. However, factors such as the building type, project scope and size, schedule, and project budget can have an impact on the project delivery method selection. The owner will ultimately drive the decision, but good practice would suggest including the project team in the evaluation and selection of one delivery method versus another.

As explained in more detail throughout this paper, some common transactional compliance pitfalls involve rent rates, classifications of leases, tenant improvement allowances, square footage measurements of leased premises, and “off-lease” benefits.  A follow-up paper will address some common operational compliance pitfalls.

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